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Your Questions Answered and Terms and Conditions

1. Do you sell to the USA, Australia, Japan, Europe and other countries?

Yes, we regularly ship and pack locally and worldwide.

2. Do you have a distributor in the USA?

No, we ship direct from the England to you.

3. Do we produce a catalogue?

We do not produce a printed catalogue at present, but can mail photographs of specific items and details.

4. How long will it take for my item to arrive?

Most items will arrive within 14 days, some may take longer. For details of specific items contact us. We can supply a tracking number for your order to keep track of progress.

5. What about the credit card exchange rate?

The credit card company will take the amount from your account in your local currency and pay us in Sterling. They will exchange at current exchange rates.

6. Can I order online?

We are currently updating the site to provide full E-Commerce facilities. In the meantime, please call our gallery on 01959 561234 or email us: theartsandcraftshome@gmail.com. We accept most debit and credit cards.

7. How much are shipping costs?

These vary so much depending upon the item. Please contact us for details. We offer discounts on shipping for larger orders.

8. Do I pay for samples?

No, currently we mail samples of fabric and wallpaper with no charge.

9. Do I pay for shipping?

The customer pays for shipping at cost price. We will use 5-day standard delivery for wallpaper and fabric orders to mainland UK, and also for small items such as clocks and boxes. For large items please contact us.

10. What about local taxes and import duties?

The customer is responsible for all local taxes and duties. These vary from country to country and state to state.

11. Can we work from photographs?

Yes, we can produce many items, including furniture, from photographs.

12. Do we have special rates for interior designers?

We can provide wholesale terms for validated interior designers and decorators.

13. Is there a minimum order for fabric and wallpaper?

Generally, 1 roll of wallpaper and 1 metre of fabric. But some handprints have larger minimum orders. Contact us for specific details.

14. Do we take back left over fabric and wallpaper?

No, we cannot, as batch and hand production means we have colour variations from batch to batch.

15. What about colour discrepancy?

We recommend we mail you samples or trials. The colours will vary from batch to batch, and the colour in real life will be different from that on the screen.

16. Are the wallpapers vinyl coated?

No, some are washable, but not all. Please check with us before ordering.

17. Can we apply protective coatings once the wallpaper is up?

There are proprietary coatings available on the market, but we cannot recommend any particular brand.

18. What is the difference between single and double rolls?

We sell what we in England call a single roll. This is the equivalent to an American double roll. The rolls we sell are usually 33 feet long and 20.5 inches wide and will cover about 56 square feet.

19. What wallpaper adhesive do we need?

We recommend wheat starch or cellulose adhesive. We recommend you do not use pre-mixed vinyl based adhesives.

20. How do we find your shop?

We run a gallery selling original Art Deco, Arts & Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau, Gothic Revival and 20th Century Jewellery in Westerham, Kent. The 2000 sq ft Furniture Warehouse in Edenbridge (15 minutes south of the gallery) can be visited by appointment. Currently we keep some of the William Morris fabric and wallpaper pattern books at the gallery. We do not stock reproduction items at the gallery or warehouse.

The Design Gallery is based at 5 The Green, Westerham, Kent TN16 1AS. Telephone: 01959 561234  www.designgallery.co.uk


21. What are the opening hours of the shop?

The Design Gallery is open 7 days a week. Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm. Saturdays 10am-5.30pm. Sundays and Bank Holidays 1pm-5pm. The Furniture Warehouse can be viewed by prior appointment.

22. What about refunds?

We offer refunds in accordance with the Distance Selling Act. Bespoke items, wallpapers and fabrics cannot be refunded.

23. Which fabrics are suitable for upholstery and which are suitable for curtains?

Generally the heavier the fabric, the more suitable it is for upholstery. For example a linen union is more suitable for chairs then 100% cotton. We will advise for specific circumstances.

24. What about insurance?

It is the clients responsibility to provide sufficient insurance for goods in transit. Whilst we ensure all items are correctly packed, wrapped and shipped, we cannot be held responsible for any damage prior to delivery.

email: John and Chrissie - theartsandcraftshome@gmail.com